Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Class of '68 at the 2012 Picnic

I hadn't planned on going to the picnic this year, but I got a call from David Martinez. He told me he just come out of a 4 month coma and was cooking again this year with his family. I figured that if he could make it after that, who was I to say no?
I brought along Tim Bynon, but the only other classmate at the picnic was Gary Stenberg. Gary is a late bloomer. He weighed 125 lbs., at graduation and now he's one buff dude. He owes it to a career at the Orange County Fire Department, when he retired he was the department spokesman.

class attendance increased by 33% with the arrival of one of the Johnson triplets, Danny. We reconvened on the stern of Tim's boat and were joined by Jim Blower and talked about our glory days. Here are (right to left across your radio dial): Ed (or Bob) Johnson, Tim Bynon, Bob (or Ed) Johnson, an unidentified participant from the class of '67, Jim Blower and Danny Johnson. 

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