Monday, April 7, 2014

David Linder - Thanks for the Memories

From the Mojave Daily News

     David Kelly Linder, age 63, a 25-year resident of Bullhead City, Arizona, died Monday, October 7, 2013, at Kingman Regional Medical Center. ~David had a stroke in October, 2010. For the first year after the stroke it seemed that he would bounce back, but then started a slow, steady decline. He was born July 31, 1950, in Des Moines, Iowa.

     His family moved to California in 1959, and he became an enthusiastic and proficient body surfer, and taught himself how to play the flute. He graduated from Santa Ana High in 1968 and joined the Navy, serving our country on a nuclear submarine as an electrician.

He was always smiling, a friend to all, extremely intelligent,

a natural at mathematics and knew all the answers on

Jeopardy faster than any contestant.

      After his honorable discharge from the Navy, David got his bachelor's degree at Cal State Fullerton, and worked as an accountant in his father's CPA business. He "retired" from the CPA business after the death of his father and moved to Bullhead City in 1988. David found work in the construction industry and would frequently stop at the Sunshine Marina, not only for a "cool one" after work, but also for a dip in the river, which he loved. Due to the construction slowdown, his last job was as a bartender/guy Friday at the Wonder Bar.

       He is survived by his sister, Terry Sanders; nieces, Brooke Sanders and Katelyn Watson; nephew, Joshua Watson, all in California; and his good buddies, Regina Kish and her grandson, Aaron Evans in Bullhead City.

     David was a good friend of mine in high school, we had some great times. One of the last times I saw him in the last century was around 1972, I don't really recall the year but I'll never forget the day. We talked about the old times and drank ourselves some beers at the Boat House on Main Street in Santa Ana. David was driving his brother-in-law's Hudson Hornet and we got T-boned on Myrtle by the tracks of the old sugar beet train. The last time I saw David was shortly after our 2013 re-union, at the rest home in Kingman where he spent his last years. David was always quick with a joke and an aside. One he used often was borrowed from W.C. Fields, "Ah yes, I knew him well, we went to different schools together."
     People who knew David liked him, from those who he went to school with, to those he worked with and, you could tell, those who he spent his last few years with in Kingman... Jerry 


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Farewell Gary and Pam...

"Gather ye rosebuds while ye may,Old Time is still a-flying;And this same flower that smiles today,Tomorrow will be dying."

Hi Jerry,
Unfortunately we have lost two classmates in the last 9 days.  I was wondering if you could post the info on your blog?  Gary Mangun passed on March 15 from cancer after an extensive battle.  Yesterday on March 24 we lost Pam Legier McCain, also from cancer. I have no idea how long she was sick, she had been at the reunion and appeared healthy.  I know Gary was already sick then and couldn't even come to the reunion.
Hope you are doing well!

Friday, December 13, 2013

James Cooper on Lifeguarding, Life and the Beach

Until two months ago I thought James' major talents were limited to psychology and dancing, then he sent us this note: 

Fellow Saints, great to see you all at reunion, and Rebecca, you were represented by a full display of your amazing writing.  I've checked out your latest book, a real keeper as are all your others.  I'm glad to share that I've won a literary award, a first, but the main thing I've found is just to struggle with the words that fit.   My piece was about being an ocean lifeguard from ages 18 to 23, shortly after SAHS, but all of it feels present in my mind for some reason now that I'm (aren't we all) 63. Hope all of you are doing well.  I'll pass a link to the piece when it comes out if you like.  

Best, James Cooper

Here's the announcement:

J. L. Cooper, of Sacramento, CA, has won the New Millennium Award for Short-Short Fiction for “A Summoning of Gifts to Wet Ankles,” a fictional elaboration of the author's experience as an ocean lifeguard. Cooper’s series of vignettes and lyrical language capture truths as universal as our urge to return to the sea.

What is particularly noteworthy is that he hasn't written short fiction, until now. I waited until I could include the link to the story and he just sent it this morning, enjoy.

A Summoning of Gifts to Wet Ankles

Monday, September 16, 2013

And Now, The Reunion, the Movie

Get a snack, sit back and enjoy this 10 minute presentation, produced and directed by Danny Salas. (Click on the arrow, then click on the full screen icon in the lower right hand corner of the screen to embiggen.)

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Saturday, September 14, 2013

50 Reunion Photos From Professor Michael Johnson

Wow, this is the mother load. Our classmate, formerly known as Mike Johnson, has posted 50 great photos of the reunion on his Flicker Site click here.

Friday, September 13, 2013

The Drug Store Has Developed the Snap Shots

OK, here they come... These first four photos are from Vicki Kincaid and by request includes two photos of the memorial boards. The third shot is of your reunion committee. I'll add captions later.

And here are several sent in by Christie (Law) Marriner, thanks Christi

Finally here are a couple more from Danny Salas from the Lamp Post and the dinner at the Finleys.

And one more group shot, it's hard to see everybody but I'll verify that you were there.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The First Re-Union Photos

Danny Salas came through and emailed me these photos last night. The first is of Danny and me at the Finleys. Last night I noticed that my smile was off to one side. This morning I was trail running and crashed into a rock, face first. Now my smile is worse. For those who are on Facebook, Danny says he's posted more photos on his page. I never got into Facebook but it seems like a much more up-to-date approach than this blog.
Let's see, I think I can identify Tana Marx, Brian Mann, Jeff Genet, Vicki (Conway) Kincaid, Ann Haymond, Tom and Carol Baldwin with John Kulisich.

One of the reasons that this reunion seemed like the best was that at our age our memories are fading and we tend to forget the bad parts of our high school experience and remember the good. Yet high school is such an intense time for many that some of those negative memories will be with us forever. A couple of classmates said they'd had quite enough of the football team and tales of their derring-do. That wasn't really the point in inviting Tom Baldwin. He was the most motivating teacher I had at SAHS and I just wanted to see him again. ( Also I was wondering how he could still be playing 18 holes a week at 85). Even though 1968 was pre-title 9 maybe we can do something next time honoring GAA.

As I mentioned the emails are flowing in to Patti and the committee. I was going to email them back to get permission to post their comments but that would conflict with my life goal of doing as little as possible, so here’s a summary. Among those who enjoyed themselves and thanked Patti and the committee for their efforts are Linda Weber, Efren Lozano, Scott Baird, LouAnn (Vanderloop) Hansen, Jane Pershall, Stephanie (Storm) Williams, Kathy Goddard (this would be the time to thank Kathy for her help in getting things ready), Heidi (Carlson) Coombs who had some kind words for the blog, and Sue (Rychener) Weisshaupt who also lives in Arizona and mentioned the deluge they had to navigate on the return trip. It was smooth sailing for me until I left Kingman and then the rain really came down. Apparently all the heat went to Southern California last week and the greater Phoenix area had a respite from our typical summer of over 100 days of over 100 degrees. (But, as they say, “It’s not the heat, it’s the stupidity.”)

This is Patti explaining the raffle, congratulations to the winners and thanks for the contributions.
We were lucky to have some nice shade but still the heat took its toll. Tom Baldwin cut his half-time speech short and I really felt for Brian Mann who had to play the accordion standing up. Special thanks to Robert Null for his excellent work on the tambourine.

I believe I see Lou Ann Vanderloop to the left and Deb Juratsch to her right. 
For me it was great to shoot the breeze with Tim Bynon, Byron Ryono, David Aldana, Frank Belk, Don and Nina Daniel, as always. This reunion I talked with classmates I haven't kept track of including the handsome and tan Bruce Kermott, Jon Greene, James Cooper, Janis Gardell, Mike McLean, Robert Morgan. Jane Pershall (Steve Hill went to the USC game), the committee members, Jimmy Gonzales, Leslie Hill and Gary Gorup, Donna Townsend, John Nicholson, Darlene Graner, Ann Haymond and Sue Rychener, Paul Swanson and—direct from Peru—his cousin Heidi Carlson, Robert Null and others I'll remember as soon as I post this.

Send me your photos and memories to Also let me know if you can identify other classmates in these photos and I'll add their names to the captions.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Best ReUnion Yet, Methinks

The rave reviews are coming in and the only discouraging words are from those who couldn't attend. The three events of our 45th allowed for more mingling and reconnecting, and with over 100 at the picnic there were more classmates to reconnect with... Patti Patterson was the straw that stirred the drink in the reunion committee and the key to its success, organizing the myriad of details necessary to pull it off. Vicki (Conway) Kincaid and her crew of child laborers made the picnic possible. A tip of the Stetson to Brian Mann who found the caterer for the dinner and worked the squeezebox on a hot afternoon, John Kulish who got us the pizza parlor for free and Jeff Genet, who put together a great playlist. 

Danny Salas, besides running around during the planning process and bringing the beer for the dinner, took a bunch of pictures. I should have shot more pictures, I only took a couple. I spent most of my time at the picnic attempting to get my classmates to invest in my new venture, Pacific Edible Seaweed. 

So while we await Danny’s photos here is a short video of Bob and Ed Johnson’s performance. Hey I know what you're saying,"They weren’t even in our class." Sure, that's technically true, but they would have been in our class if they hadn’t been set back a grade. There’s something about the harmony of brothers: the Wilson brothers of the Beach Boys, the brothers Gibb of the BeeGees, and the Davies brothers of the Kinks... OK, not so much the Kinks. But the Johnson’s harmonies are muy smooth, if only they’d had some amplification and I had had a microphone.

The other shot I took was on my way home. It’s a “shoe tree” just past Amboy on Route 66. The next time you're in Amboy stop by, it's about a mile past Roy's Motel and if you’re looking for a great deal in used shoes you can’t beat it. Send me your photos, comments, memories, criticisms, feedback, etc. of the Reunion, and let me share it with the class.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

See You This Weekend

A few quick notes as I depart the land of the haboobs for the County of the Oranges and the reunion this Friday and Saturday. If you play an instrument and you'd like to join Brian Mann and his merry men and women, bring it along and a jam will be served. Remember, however, no amplified music in the park.

Regrets? We’ve had a few, mostly from those who aren’t going to make it to the renunion. Larry Hansen is playing with Bill Medley and has to be in Clovis New Mexico on Saturday, but here are some memories he shared:

“Bob Gulley was with Bill's band for the last few years but with all the travel has decided to stay closer to home--sure miss having Bob with us but was so grateful to have the last couple of years playing music with him again.  Bob and I played with several bands after high school and by far Bob is my favorite singer anywhere! I first saw the Youngmen play in our school auditorium at the start of our junior year--seems it was a back-to-school assembly?  Hearing the Johnson Brothers and Gulley sing that day is one of favorite memories of Santa Ana High!  Bob and I were both playing with Medley when they rededicated the Santa Ana High School Auditorium in Bill's name in 2011. That was the first time that I'd been back at our school as well as stood on the auditorium stage since 1968--what an incredible as well as an emotional night!  Sorry to miss the fun--my best to everyone.

Another talented classmate; essayist, poet, and short story writer Rebecca McClanahan sent me a note. Becky’s tenth book, The Tribal Knot, is a multi-generational memoir and is getting great reviews.

"Since I knew I would be unable to attend the reunion, I had promised to compose a formal greeting to everyone, but unfortunately my mother has been seriously ill since July and I am with her in the hospital, with little time or energy for extra activities. I'm sure the reunion will be wonderful, and I regret not being able to come. Maybe for the 50th!"

This photo was sent in by Byron Ryono, it’s a bunch of us at a BBQ at the home of Tim Bynon and Frank Belk in about.... 1976? Looking at it is bittersweet. I'm thinking about those of us who will come to the reunion and those who can’t. I’m really happy with the turnout for our 45th. So let’s gather our rosebuds while we may, much like Charles Foster Kain.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Red's and Orange Pastels

     “ A fellow will remember a lot of things you wouldn't think he'd remember.
–actor Everett Sloane as Bernstien in Citizen Kane

     Bruce Crowther checked in a few weeks ago, he’s living in Idaho and unfortunately can't make it to the reunion. I first met Bruce, I think, in kindergarden. He lived on 20th St. between Paul Swanson and Janis Riffle. Bruce is a redhead, like his dad, the “Red” of Red’s Ranch Market. His father had a heart attack and passed away, as I recall, while were still in grade school. 

     Red’s Ranch market was just south of the corner of Bolsa and Harbor Blvd. a big, barn-like building. Bruce once showed me a tarantula that one of his brothers had captured at the market. The arachnid was in mayonnaise jar that had air holes punched in the top with an ice pick. Bruce opened the jar and let the tarantula crawl along his arm, I thought that was really cool. Especially after I saw James Bond let a tarantula crawl across him in “Dr. No”.

   I went online and found this photo of the market. The picture was taken the year after we graduated, during the Great Flood of 1969. The Crowthers had sold Red's by then. The new owners changed the “RED’S” in the sign to “FOOD” and saved money because they didn’t have to replace all the letters. (They would have saved more had the new owner been named Ned.)

     I recognized the figure in the upper right, above the VW Bus and power lines, it was a sailor in a crow’s nest. He’s looking up Harbor Blvd. above a Seafood Restaurant named “Secret Harbor”. This match book cover from Secret Harbor recently sold on e-Bay. In this age of cookie cutter, hypoallergenic architecture it’s bit of a time warp when you realize how much the look of buildings has changed. Most restaurants back then were independently owned and operated and they had their own interesting quirks. Today chain restaurants have taken over and they all look the same, a Chili’s in my town looks like a Chili’s in your town. 

     At the far right of the black and white photo is a sign of things to come: golden arches.

     This is “one of the old Stanley Meston designed McDonald's restaurants." McDonald’s is currently in a multi-year refurbishing and redesign project, they’re morphing into a Starbuck’s look. The Meston design had the original illuminated plastic Golden Arches, where the arches traveled a full 180 degrees from the ground, through the roof and back through the roof in front. McDonald’s was not yet a restaurant, it was still a hamburger stand.

     Meston also designed for Jack-In-The-Box, this one reminds me of the one on 17th Street, where late one night I was riding shot gun. Brooks Smith attempted to flirt with the girl at the drive-in microphone by ordering a sheepherder's sandwich, “That’s two slices of bread and a little bit of ewe”.

    The attempt was unsuccessful.  

    Meston built up the sides of the buildings and used them for billboards, with an appetizing palette of orange pastels. I like the pledge, “Insured Quality Hamburgers”. How do you insure a hamburger?

     Meston was of the “googie” school of architecture, a mid-century modern, futuristic style that was popular along the Las Vegas Strip: big swooping lines, lots of neon, and bright colors. The mid-century modern look has been enjoying a small revival of late, at least on Mad Men, in Ikea showrooms and in Palm Springs. But the futuristic/space-age/googie variant peaked about the time, 45 years ago, when we graduated. It never became the architecture of the future, but I still think it looks way cool.

Monday, August 19, 2013

David Aldana Racing His Way to the Reunion

In this news clip from a couple of months ago David Aldana was showing off again (he's the guy who claims he's 63). He confirmed that he'll be at the reunion for all three events (and we didn't even have to pay him an appearance fee.) Now you know who to complain to about joint pain and lack of energy.

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