Monday, May 28, 2018

Have you marked your calendars?

68 / 68


Less than 6 months away.

Are you coming?

Before you say NO! look at what we have to offer:

Saturday, October 6, 2018, at Irvine Park, site 2, from 10am till 4pm; bbq lunch, raffle, unplugged music, conversation, and a good time for all. Lunch includes: hot dogs, burgers, chips, buns, potato and noodle salads, and condiments. We would also like to conduct a raffle at the picnic, so if there is anyone who wishes to contribute something please contact Kathy Goddard at

Who would like to bring a side dish for the bbq?

Saturday evening, Orange Elks Club, from 7pm till 12pm; live music, dancing, and good times for all.

Friday night? We are still deciding on this one.

Thursday night, October 4, there is a Saints home game. For those interested let us know.

In the next few weeks we will be sending out an updated email with more specifics on the details surrounding the events of our reunion. So stay tuned!!

We always ask, solemnly, if anyone knows of fellow classmates who have passed away in the last 5 years. Please let us know, so we may add them to our memorial board.

Your reunion committee.

Vicki Conway (Kincaid)

Jeff Genet             
Brian Mann          

Danny Salas           
Jan Gardell            

Jon Greene            
Cathy Davis (Akins)

Kathy Goddard     
Linda Doering (Menon)

John Kulisch          
Mark Finley          



Saturday, March 17, 2018

"68/68" Reunion update

CALENDARS ARE MARKED!! Only six months left and the reunion is here: Saturday, October 6, at Irvine Park, site 2.
A Splendid time is guaranteed for all.
Our 50th, or as Danny has appropriately named it, our “68/68” (class of 68 and we’re all pretty much 68 years old), reunion includes a bbq of hamburgers and hot dogs, with sides provided by local classmates who volunteer, a raffle, and unplugged music. Time? Um, starts around 10 am and goes til about 4pm.
But wait, that’s not all. After a dinner interlude (see below) of 3 hours, at 7pm the reunion continues with the third event at the Elks Club in Orange (the circle, Glassell and Chapman) at 211 E. Chapman Ave., Orange. This event will contain cocktails and hors d’oevres (snacks, whatever), and last til around 12 midnight.
A Friday night event is also planned but not set yet. One suggestion, from our last reunion, is a meet-and-greet get-together at a venue like a pizza parlor with a capacity for a sizable crowd. Let us know what you think!!!
Our “68/68” reunion coincides with the annual All Saints Reunion Picnic located at site 3 for those who wish to visit classmates from other years. Of course, the attire is casual, why else would we come?!
Those who wish to contribute something for the raffle contact Kathy Goddard at
Dining venues all within 10-15 minutes’ walk of the Elks club, with a variety of cuisines:
Avila’s Ranchito                  Rutabegorz                 Wahoo’s Fish Tacos
Felix Continental Café       Citrus City Grill           Gabbi’s Mexican Kitchen
Jalapeno’s                            Filling Station Renta Café Italiano
Zito’s Pizza
Here are some suggestions for hotels in the area for all you out-of-towners:
Doubletree Hotel                                                  Ramada Plaza Hotel
100 The City Dr. South                                         515 W. Katella Ave.
Orange, CA 92868                                                 Anaheim, CA
(714) 634-4500                                                      (714) 817-9793

Marriott Anaheim                                                Howard Johnson Plaza Hotel
700 W. Convention Way                                     1380 Harbor Blvd.
Anaheim, CA 92802                                             Anaheim, CA 92802
(714) 750-8000                                                     (714) 776-6120
We are always in search of missing classmates. So if you know someone who has not received any emails or other communication from the committee please let us know so we may contact them. You can contact any of the committee members below:
Vicki Conway (Kincaid)
Jeff Genet             

Brian Mann          
Danny Salas           
Jan Gardell            
Jon Greene            
Cathy Davis (Akins)
Kathy Goddard     
Linda Doering (Menon)
John Kulisch          
Mark Finley          
Your Reunion Committee

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Mark Your Calendars

Greetings Classmates:
MARK YOUR CALENDARS!!! Our 50th class reunion has been scheduled for Saturday, October 6, 2018, at Irvine Park, Site 2. This is at the same time as the annual All Saints Picnic which is being held same date at Site 3. As at the previous reunion, we plan on having a bbq and ask local classmates who are willing to provide side dishes. We are also considering Friday and Saturday night events with details coming in future emails. For now we are set with the above time and date and would encourage all to spread the word.

For the last several years we have been searching for missing classmates, those we have no information on. Below is a list of the missing:

Mary Aguilera                         Michele Ahrens (Swift)               Pat Alcala
Chris Alcaraz                           Steve Allan                                  William Allen
Irene Alvarez                           Lisa Ambrosini                            Gilbert Anaya
Don Anderson                         Cecelia Andrade                          Helen Arambula     
Cindy Armstead (Brown)        Laura Ash (Singh)                        Robin Aspinall (Alpenglow)
Joe Avila

Joe Badillo                               Patricia Baldwin                          Waldo Barela
Gary Barnette                         Brandon Bartell                            Michael Belair
Virginia Bent (Franks)             Stephanie Berg (Forehan)           George Bohorguez
Aurora Briseno                        Mike Brossart                              Susan Brostoski
Suzie Bruce                             John Butler                                   George Batoosingh         

Sandra Cabrera                       James Camper                             Judy Candy
Miguel Carbajal                      Steven Cardenas                         Dave Cass
Leticia Castaneda                   Mary Castillo                              Louie Chedotte
Linda Cheffer                          John Clemens                              Debbi Clinard
Kent Cohee                              Steve Cole                                   Chris Connelly
Bonnie Cooley                         Larry Correa                               Terri Cosgrove (Eklund)
Paul Courtney                         Sandi Cox                                    Bob Cozza
Robert Crim

Mike Daly                                Armando Davila                         Charles Davis
Larry Davis                              Judy DeMain (Williams)            Sheryl Deshotels (Gullon)
Graciela Diaz                          Oscar Diaz                                   Stella Diaz  
Bob Dora                                 Rick Driesbeck

Bill Earle                                 Pam Eatherton                             Phillis Ellison
Eleanor Esqueda                     Sylvia Esquibel                             Mary Pat Ettinger
Mike Evans                              Richard Evans

Richard Farney                        Sue Fellows                                  Henry Fernandez
Henry Fernandez                     Jeanne Fincham (Rios)                 Christopher Fletcher
Amelia Flores (Martinez)        Amelia Flores (Panda)                  Karen Fore
Raelene Fowler                       Thomas Franklin                           Kathy Frias

Martha Garcia                         June Gay                                       Bob Gilliam
Ray Gomez                              Peggy Greene                               Janice Gunnersen
Susan Hanna                           William Harper                             Janice Harrell
Terry Hartman                         Dan Hartshorn                              Kathy Hemphill (Crackel)
Rustine Hemphill                    Marjorie Henderson (Winghett)   Daryl Henry
Gilbert Hermosillo                  Jesus Hernandez                            Larry Hernandez
Judy Hestand

Ilsiko Ivancso

Robert Jackson                        Fred Jacoby                                    Jennifer Jiles (Pennock)
Charles Johnson                      Cynthia Johnson                               Mike Johnson
Rachael Johnson                     Ted Jones                                    

Julie Kent                                 Steve Kern                                      Sig Kramer

Sylvia Larson                         Phil Leadley                                    Val Lee (Monteriro)
Jeanette Leflore                      Henry Leon                                     Lucinda Leonard
Terry Leonard                         Dan Levine                                     Mike LoPorto
Stephen Lord                          LeeAnn Low                                    Ysidro Luna
Kathy Lynch

Sheila Macdonald                  Angie Macias                                 Marty Macias
Marcia Madison                     Ben Madrid                                    Lorenzo Madrid
Mary Madrid (Gomez)           Mike Maldonado                           Brent Marsile
Aleen Martin                           Yolanda Mata                                Daniel May
Edgar Mazzeo                        J.D. McFadden                               Steve McKee
Kevin McKinney                    Loren Mead                                   Oralia Mendez
Brad Merrick                          Linda Mertes                                  Cindy Meyer (O’Connor)
Robert Minder                        Margie Moersch (Austin)              Rosita Molina
Joe Mora                                 Elva Morales                                  Pam Morgan

Earl Naegeli                            Erasmo Navar                                Victor Noel
Nick Novelich

Tim O’Brien                            Cindy O’Campo                              Lydia Olivos
Cynthia Orosco (Torres)         Laura Ortiz (Talavera)                      Vickie Osuna

Sammy Pacheco                      Linda Paquette                                Bec Pedersen
Steve Penko                             David Perez                                     Brad Jenkins
William Perry                          Ellen Pesqueira                               Dale Peterson
Mary Phillips                           Kathy Pittser                                    Ray Potter
Carol Pratt                              Ron Pratt                                         William Pribus
Carol Price                              Chris Puder

Rosa Quintana                        Yolanda Quintana

James Raber                           Adelina Ramirez                             Maria Ramirez
Nickie Ramirez                      Roseann Ramirez                            David Rand
Joe Rangel                              Linda Ray (Knox)                          Janice Riffle
Anita Ringberg                       David Rios                                     George Robinson
Richard Robinson                   Cecilia Rodriguez                          Lydia Rodriguez
Jesse Rosas                              Nancy Ross                                    Lynda Rowen (Schwartz)
Melody Ruden                         Steven Rundquist

Bill Sanchez                             Denise Scharle                                Chris Scheel
Randy Scott                             Anita Seeber                                     Cindy Sheffer (Mossberg)
Janice Short                             John Simpkins                                  Alvin Simpson
 rooks Smith                           Steve Smith                                       Violet Smith
Christine Solis                         Diane Soper                                      Frank Spears
Cindy Stafford                         Robert Stork                                      Carlton Straughan
Doug Suhi                                Agnes Surink

Mary Tavitas                           Patricia Tavitas (Ramirez)                Woodrow Taylor
Russell Teffer                          Gary Thacker                                    Joe Thomas
Terry Thomas                          Christopher Thompson                     Carol Torres (Redford)
Amecia Trigeros (Martinez)   Rita Trujillo                                       Mike Trumbull

Richard Ursua                         Debbie Utley                                     Thomas Utley

Dave Vargas                            Delia Vargas                                     Rosemary Velarde (Arriola)
Mary Villa                               Jesse Villalpando                               Annette Viviano
Diane Vollrath (Jefferies)       Bill Von Behren

Gary Walker                            Shirley Wall                                        Phyliss Webb   
Tracine Webster                     Susan Westerdoll                               Martha White
Roger Williams                       Shelley Wiliams (Degraff)                 Harold Woodring
Bob Wooster                           Maureen Worsley (O’Neill)

Yvonne Yarbrough                                         

Sandy Zakzeski

If anyone has any information on any of the above people please contact any committee member so we can include them in our database. You can contact any of us at the following:
Vicki Conway (Kincaid)
Jeff Genet             
Brian Mann          
Danny Salas           
Jan Gardell            
Jon Greene            
Cathy Davis (Akins)
Kathy Goddard     
Linda Doering (Menon)
John Kulisch          
Mark Finley          


Your Reunion Committee

Sunday, July 23, 2017

reunion email

Coming in 2018:    our 50th class reunion

Hello Classmates,

Hope everyone had a wonderful Independence Day with the long weekend and all.

Your reunion committee has tentatively scheduled the 50th reunion for October 6, 2018, at Irvine Park, site 2. This will correspond with the All Saint’s Reunion annual picnic held at site 3 on the same date, for those who wish to mingle with classmates from other years. This will become set as we can reserve the space in the fall of this year. We are still working on the events for Friday and Saturday nights, which were so successful at the last reunion.

The All Saints Reunion Picnic will be held on Sunday, September 24, 2017, as reservations were already taken when they booked. The event is at site 3.

We are always looking for missing classmates. If you know of someone who has not received an email or any communication from the reunion committee please let us know, so we may incorporate them into our database. You can contact any of the following committee members:

Vicki Conway (Kincaid)

Jeff Genet             

Brian Mann          

Danny Salas           

Jan Gardell            

Jon Greene            

Cathy Davis (Akins)

Kathy Goddard     

Linda Doering (Menon)

John Kulisch          

Mark Finley          


Your Reunion Committee.


Sunday, April 16, 2017

Kathy Cordes and the hall of fame

Congratulations to Kathy Cordes! She has joined Billie Jean King, Arthur Ashe, Carl Lewis and others in a hall of fame recognizing athletes, educators and others in the fitness world.

PE trailblazer recognized with hall of fame induction

Hi Jeff.  I heard from Heidi that you worked with her to post the article written about me in the San Diego Union Tribune.
 It was quite a joy and I appreciate Heidi’s sweet thoughts and your help to post it for our SAHS friends.  Kathy

Contributed by Heidi (Carlson) Coombs (thank you).

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Coach Baldwin passes.

Coach Tom Baldwin passed away quietly at his home on March 21 from complications with Parkinson's Disease. He was 85. Coach Baldwin began his coaching carrier at Santa Ana High School, then moved to Santa Ana Valley, a semi-pro team, and Costa Mesa High School. He retired in 2010. He led the 1967 Santa Ana High School football team to a 12-1 season, losing only to Anaheim in the CIF finals, held for the first time in the new Anaheim Stadium. We were very fortunate to have Coach Baldwin at our last reunion, the 45th, where he gave a short pre-game pep talk and joined us in our class picture. Services will be held sometime at the end of April. We will all miss you Tom.

Laurie Lusk posted the following:
I wanted to let everyone know there is going to be a memorial held on April 30 at the Santa Ana Bowl at 2 PM for Coach Baldwin. Everyone is invited

Sunday, February 19, 2017

50th Reunion right around the corner

Our 50th reunion comes up next year and your reunion committee is now gearing up for that event. Below is the email we sent to all our classmates recently. If you did not receive one please contact anyone on the committee with your contact information.

Class of 1968


Hello everyone. This is your reunion committee. It’s been 50 years since we roamed the halls of Santa Ana High School as students. And next year is the 50th reunion of our graduation and we are now in the process of planning that celebration.

Our 40th reunion, nine years ago, was put together in the spring of 2008 and we tagged along with the All Saints Reunion at Irvine Park that September, holding our reunion across the parking lot from the main event at Site 3. This was a potluck affair and 72 classmates attended sharing reminiscing.

The next reunion, the 45th, we reserved our own site at Irvine Park on the same Saturday as the All Saints Reunion and provided a bar-b-que and locals contributions of desserts, a raffle, and a good time shared by all. The previous evening we had a meet-and-greet at a pizza parlor and Saturday evening, following the picnic there was an evening event in Mark Finley’s backyard with a Taco Bar service. The total cost was $45.00 for the Saturday events, if you attended both, and Friday was byob. There were 84 classmates at the picnic, 38 at the Friday night pizza parlor, and 36 at the Finley’s Saturday evening.

Our inclination at this time is to repeat this formula for the next reunion: a picnic as the main event, a Friday and Saturday night event. The main concern at the last two reunions held in September was the heat. The All Saints Reunion, has for this reason moved its event to the first Saturday in October, a bit cooler and more convenient.  The committee is proposing the following:

Friday night: a Saints football game if they are playing at home; or, a meet-and –greet at a pizza parlor style place only bigger than last time.

Saturday: main reunion picnic held at Irvine Park on the same Saturday as the All Saints Reunion Picnic in October but at our own site, providing Bar-B-Que and local contributions of desserts and sides. Hold a raffle and a live acoustic musical performance for a small admission fee. The same day as the All Saints allows everyone to visit members of other classes.

Saturday evening: an event either a dinner at someone’s backyard, or some sort of hall for dancing and music.

We, the committee, would like your input as to the reunion event you would like.  We want to organize a reunion that satisfies. And, as always, we are constantly seeking those classmates we do not have contact information for. You can contact the committee at any one of the following email addresses:

Vicki Conway (Kincaid)

Jeff Genet             

Brian Mann          

Danny Salas           

Jan Gardell            

Jon Greene            

Cathy Davis (Akins)

Kathy Goddard     

Linda Doering (Menon)

John Kulisch          

Mark Finley          

On social media we have three outlets: FaceBook, ClassMates, and the blog. The most popular, as far as membership goes, is Classmates. The most active if FaceBook for staying current on what is happening. The least scanned is the blog. The committee would encourage all to migrate to FaceBook for the current information concerning our class, listed in the group section Santa Ana High School Class of 1968.


All Saints 2016

From Danny Salas: pictures of the last All Saints Reunion Picnic-

Here are a few pictures of our classmates who showed up for the All Saints Reunion at Irvine Park this year. It turned out to be a nice day. It was way cooler than last year's. The reunion will be held on the 1st Saturday of October from now on. In the pictures were, Dan Johnson along with his brothers Eddie and Bobby. Andy Solis, Pat Munoz, Frank Belk, Phil Martinez,and myself. Mary Madrid Gomez was the only lady who showed up.