Monday, October 8, 2012

Our 45th Reunion is coming... See You in September

Everybody had such a great time at our 40th reunion picnic we've decided to do again...for our 45th! Patti Patterson is the prime mover in this caper, and most of us who helped last time have volunteered again including Jeff Genet (he's our Facebook and point of contact), Bob Lindley, and Vicki Kincaid. I've got the easy part, I just do this blog and will also be making periodic checks on the healthfulness of the potato salad. That merry music man, Brian Mann, is in charge of entertainment. Also Danny Salas, John Kulisich and couple of others have volunteered.

In addition to the picnic we hope to put together a casual dinner and drinks thing, maybe after the picnic. People can go to either or both. Also we're checking on getting a deal for rooms at a nearby hotel where those of us from out of town can congregate. 

We're working hard to find everyone, but if you didn't receive Patti's email of October 3rd you may well be lost and not know it. Please send your email address and contact information to me:

Also send more photos and stories about what you've been up to. I'm taking a slow train across country and won't be back until the 1st of November so I want to see your photos and stories in my mail box when I get back. Until then here's a little vignette about my favorite subject: me, and how I got my name. I was born behind enemy lines in Anaheim and spent my first five years on an orange grove. A couple of miles to the east was the Jungle Nursery. The owner built a small zoo where lived a Chimpanzee named "Jerry". Family lore is that my older brother named me after the little fella.
Being named after a Chimp didn't affect me much growing up. In some ways I wish it did. I was lousy on the monkey bars.

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  1. Thanks Jerry. Another time indeed. Have a sweet trip cross country. I was surprised at the promotion to entertainment organizer. I had just planned on bringing the PA. Anyway, thanks to all for making this possible.