Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Reunion Reminder Email

Hi Everyone,

Our reunion is almost here. This e-mail is one last reminder to get you fired up about coming to see your old buddies (and we do mean old in the kindest sense). First things first: For those of you following our website that Jerry Joslyn has put together, the U.S. Men's Olympic Volleyball team won the gold metal. Ann Haymond's son, Richard Lambourne, #5 on the team wearing white, was an integral part of the win. Ann, our very own SAHS 68 alumni, was in Beijing to see and share in her son's triumph.

To mentally put you back in SAHS, a little trivia (answers are at the cheating!) Hint...answers to most questions can be found in the Ariel 68 yearbook. However, one answer cannot. Can you guess which one is not in the yearbook?)

1) What was our principal's name?
2) Who was student body president "second" semester?
3) Who was our girl's league president "fall" semester?
4) Who was our valedictorian?
5) Who was our head football coach?
6) Who was the Ariel editor-in-chief?
7) Who was our color day queen?
8) What was the name of one of our two class plays?

Ok, now that you are more than excited about attending, here is a reminder
about last minute details:
Date: Saturday, September 6, 2008
Location: Irvine Park
Where in the park: Go to site #3 at the back of the park (follow the markers) and then look for mylar balloons that say 68' on them. Find us at a table to pick up your name badge and guest badges.
Time: No set time. The park opens early but most people will begin to arrive around 10:00am - 10:30am. Stay as long as you like.
Cost: Park entrance fee is $6.00
Fun Stuff: Chris Carden (Ingels), from our class, along with her husband, Fred, own an entertainment company and have volunteered to provide for us their snow cone machine, strolling magic, balloons, people painting, etc. They will arrive around 1pm. Thank you Chris and Fred!
What to Bring: Please bring your own food and drink, and, don't forget water (remember no alcohol is allowed, so brown bag it if you bring any). Bring your own portable chair, umbrella, hat, sunscreen, camera, etc. We will do our best to find a great spot under trees with picnic tables.
Park Donation: It costs a couple of hundred dollars to rent this space for SAHS reunions (several classes will be attending at the same time.) There will be a hat passed for donations and please donate $10 or more to our committee to reimbursement our administrative costs.

Here is the link to the Irvine Park website. Check it out for more details
and included park activities:

Before we say good-by until Sept. 6, we thought we would let you know that
we have found many more of you........
1) We have 608 in our database (will only be used for reunion purposes)
2) We have 124 e-mail addresses
3) We have 80 confirmed "yes" to attend (plus their families)
4) There are 52 undecided
5) There are 22 deceased (that we know of)

One last item. If you live in Orange County and have a new area code, please e-mail Patti Patterson ( so we can update our database.

We look forward to seeing you all.

Our best,

Your 68' Reunion Committee

And, here are the answers to our trivia game:
1) Principal - Charles Colwell
2) Student Body President "Second" Semester - Bob Lindley
3) Girl's League President "Fall" Semester - Regina White
4) Valedictorian - Cindy Stafford
5) Head Football Coach - Tom Baldwin
6) Ariel Editor-In-Chief - Kit Hansen
7) Color Day Queen - Irene Kobayashi
8) Two Class Plays - You Can't Take It With You and The Madwoman of Chaillot

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