Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bouncing Around with Robert Null

Hi Jerry!

I am greatly looking forward to attending the reunion. I have a little free time now with the Olympics winding down to find time to send e-mails.

Like many people, I didn't really know what I wanted to do with my life after graduating from SAHS. Although I never participated on school sport teams in high school, I found I really enjoyed several sports. I went on to graduate from Santa Ana College and CSUF with degrees in PE and a teaching credential. At CSUF, I became very involved with gymnastics, both competing and coaching. After graduation, I found public school teaching jobs hard to find so I continued coaching gymnastics in the private sector; particularly trampoline.

At the same time, I found out I looked forward to going on trips in and out of the US just for the adventure. (Probably spurred by the SAHS German Club trip to Europe in 1966 that I went on. That was an eye opener!) Anyway, I found if I coached people on trampoline to a high enough level, they would qualify to go to national and international competitions with me as a coach.

So.... 41 states, 35 countries, 28 National Championships, 13 World Championships, and 1 Olympic Games (head coach, Sydney 2000) later, I'm still coaching trampoline. I am proud to have personally coached 2 of my athletes to qualify to the last 3 Olympics. I had thoughts of retiring but I have a whole crew at the gym who are already committed for 2012 in London!

See you at the reunion,

Robert Null

Robert-It's amazing that you didn't get into this until after high school. I really like these stories, keep them coming.-Jerry


  1. Hey Robert, that is so cool. My younger son is still training for 2012 Javelin. looking forward to seeing you.

    Brian Mann

  2. Looking forword to being at the reunion, Jack Gilson