Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Penultimate Picnic Post

Sara (Hierbert) Hendrix, who’s now living in North Carolina, sent me a bunch ‘o memorabilia: the programs from our class theatre productions including “Madwoman of Chaillot” and “The Music Man”; the wide angle Willard Jr. High class photo, old Generators, and a notebook that documents our winning football season, including a program from the CIF championship. Thank you Sara. Frank Belk will also be bringing a bunch of stuff to peruse during any lulls in the conversations.

Eighty-three classmates now say they’ll make it to the picnic, Ann (Haymond) Lambourne is coming from Beijing. Also Danny and the Juniors, aka Danny Johnson and his brothers Bob and Ed, plan to be there or be square. Larry Hanson would have won the longest-journey-to-the-reunion award if it hadn’t been for Ann, he’s checking in from Nashville, more about Larry later.

I didn’t want the party to begin before giving a tip of my incredibly large Stetson to Mr. Tim Bynon. I had dinner with Tim about a year ago at the Harbor Grill in Dana Point. He eats breakfast and dinner at the same two places every night and knows all the regulars. After dinner we went up to his place on top of the bluff. He showed me a cardboard box with all the relevant documentation from the last reunion. I mentioned it to Bob Lindley and we started emailing back and forth and got others involved that’s pretty much how our 40th reunion got started.

I saw Tim again this spring, he moved his 36-foot cabin cruiser to the Dana Point Marina. Cynics might call his boat a hole in the water into which you pour money, but I’ve met lots of men in Costa Rica at Roy’s Fishing Lodge who would love to own it. They live for the one-week a year when they can pretend they’re Earnest Hemingway and do nothing but fish, eat great food, drink and talk with friends. Tim does that whenever he wants, year ‘round, on a near-daily basis. For many of us older, married men, he lives the life of our daydreams.

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