Sunday, August 24, 2008

Those Who Said They Were Coming in 2008...

      It's official, we're getting really old. This list was for our 40th reunion in 2008. According to my iWatch the date for that reunion has already passed. A couple of you (one of whom, I believe, attended the prestigious University of Spoiled Children) have emailed me to say that they say they saw their name on this list, the list for the 45th re-union and that they will be unable to attend. Please don't mess with me, I'm confused enough already.

We have 75 confirmed***UPDATE IT'S NOW 82***classmates coming to our reunion picnic at Irvine Park:

George Adelsperger, Lindsey Armstrong (Stuart), Stephanie Ball (Hamilton), Ron Benjamin, Sandra Bennett (Strength), James Burnell, Harry Burnett, Tim Bynon,Chris Carden (Ingels), John Conover, Vicki Conway (Kincaid), Kathy Cordes,Cathy Davis (Akins), Enrique Deckert, Steve Dunning, Mike Dwinell, Mark Finley, William (Michael) Foster, Royd Frost, Ron Galvin, Janice Gardell, Jeff Genet, Kathy Goddard, Jimmy Gonzales, Geoff Graves, Molly Haines(Martin), Kit Hansen, Steve Hill, Jeanie James (Clymer), Danny (and the junior) Johnsons, Cheryl Jones (Joseph), Jerry Joslyn, Debbie Juratsch(Davis), Nancy Katz(Crippen), Kit Keating(Ferguson), Tom Key, Eric (Ric) Kimler, Robert Klause,Irene Kobayashi (Senzaki), Rod Koral, Christi Law (Marriner), Pam Legier (McCain), Bob Lindley,Bob MacBird, Brian Mann, Charlie Martin, Phil Martinez, Pat McGowen (Richards), Steve McKee, Jack Meier, Robert Morgan, Pat Munoz, Dale Newcom, John Nicholson, Robert Null, Sharon Orona, Annette Ouellet, Patti Patterson, Jane Pershall (Hill), Tammy Peterson (Dube), Terrie Phillips, Charlie Proctor, Emily Rampton, Jeanie Reyes, Candy Robison (Reece), Danny Salas, Gary Stenberg, Stephanie Storm (Williams), Paul Swanson, Pearla Tabb (Wallace), Jody Tammaro (Bell), Donna Townsend (Keene), Lou Ann VanDerLoop (Hanson), Sandra Webster (Figueroa), Regina White (Ford) and Dan Williams.

Plus there are an additional 53 from our class of '68 who are labeled as "definitely maybe". With spouses, kids, and special guests we'll have 100-150, which could be a world's record.

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