Sunday, July 6, 2008

Our Man in Asia


Hello from Taipei!

No, I don't actually live here, I just had some time on my layover to look seriously thru the re-union news. Thought that I'd give you a little update of the past few years.

After SAHS, I went to the college of my dreams (California Institute of the Arts - This is the school that Walt Disney supported with some of his $$$) Got my degree in Advertising Design. Bad news of course of course, when I was looking for a entry level job in the Advertising industry, there was a mini slump in the economy so I couldn't find a job. I had lost my student deferment and had to look over my shoulder at the draft (still going at that time) Looked into the USAF and the USN about pilot jobs just in case. I gave myself 2 years to try and find a job but nothing worked out so I joined the Navy as a Pilot. I spent 11 years active and 9 years reserve to get a "pink" retriement. That means that I won't get any money until I'm 60, but then I will have the same benifits as anyone else.

Worked my way thru college by working week-end, holidays and summers at Disneyland. I was in the Merchandising Divison and sold sourviners on Main Street and other parts of the park for 6 years. (quit to join the Navy)

After the Navy, I bumbed around for two years trying to find a 'real' job. Did get on with a small commuter airline out of Santa Barbara and finally got lucky and got hired by Flying Tigers. They of course merged with Federal Express three years later. I have been flying for 22 years and can retire at age 60. I can work longer, but I have other things to see and do.

I have been a flight engeener or pilot on 747's DC-10's and I'm now flying the MD-11 on international routes. I like this the best...get out of the U.S. Have flown around the world 20-30 times but like flying in the Pacific Rim the most. Favorate layovers are Hawaii, Sydney, Hong Kong, Singapore, China and Korea. In the Navy I was stationed in Sicily and flew all over the Med. Tried to count the numbers of countries that I have visited and think it's something like 45. Sounds glamorous, but sometimes all I get to see is the Airport and the Hotel.

Flying is the best part time job there is! with the rest of the month off, I do a lot of work with the Boy Scouts. I find that I can't work with 11 and 12 year olds...but I can work with the I'm a trainer. Have been to U.S. and World Jamborees...lots of fun. I am now trying to start up a Shooting Sports Venture Crew.

Have been Married 32 years...have a son who is 22 going to film school to be an editor. I also have an 18 year old daughter who will be going to college this fall.

Guess that's about it for a quick and dirty...

Hope to see a lot of you in Sept.!

Steve Dunning

Steve - I think, unless we have a late entry with an incredible tale, we've got a winner for our coveted "most traveled Classmate 68" award. Amazing. Thank you for your service, I hope to see you at the reunion I'll pass along your info... Jerry

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