Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Official 40th Reunion Notice has Arrived!

Hi everyone,

Your reunion committee has completed the updated database. A few facts: We believe there were about 660 in our graduating class. We have 607 classmates in our database,most of whom we cannot locate, and we know that 21 have passed away. Of that total number, we have 103 e-mail addresses . So, you can see we were unable to find most of our classmates but it's great to find 103 of us.

What a Blast from the Past for all of us to try and locate all of you. Now that we have you, we want to make sure you have marked Saturday, September 6 at Irvine Park for our casual reunion picnic site. The park opens around 10am and you are welcomed to stay as long as you would like. There are no formal start or stop times. Some of us will be arriving when the park opens at 10 am and some of us will no doubt be there until 5pm but most of your classmates will probably be there from 12pm until 2pm or 3pm.

Some members of the committee will arrive early and stake out a great location with trees and picnic tables. Look for balloons that say '68 on them. Remember, we are sharing the park with hundreds of other SAHS graduates, so it will be fun for everyone to try and locate friends from multiple classes.

Remember to bring your own food and drink. If you choose to bring alcohol, please do so in a brown paper bag (it is actually not allowed in the park). Also, remember to bring chairs, blankets to sit on, whatever you need to be comfortable for the day. The whole family is welcomed (if your kids and grandkids can stand 60's music for 8 hours!).

There will be a $6.00 charge to enter the park. Other than that, the committee has worked very hard not to impose any additional fees. However, there are administrative costs to prepare for this event that are being paid for by individuals on the committee. We ask that you each donate $10 (or more) the day of the picnic to help defray these costs. This would be greatly appreciated. Any leftover $$s will go towards our 50th! A box will be available to receive your donations.

When you arrive, look for us at a table to retrieve your name badge. And yes, you will have your high school picture on your badge to help everyone remember who the heck we were.

What an honor to have this reunion of a fantastic high school class, one of the very best. We all look so forward to seeing everyone and sharing many stories (that is if we can actually recognize one another!)

If you have questions or comments, please send them to any of the following committee members:

Patti Patterson - psquared01@yahoo.com
Vicki Conway - kincaid_vicki@hotmail.com
Jerry Joslyn - jjoslyn2@cox.net
Jeff Genet - jdgen@sbcglobal.net
Bob Lindley - robert.lindley@gmail.com
Pat Munoz - bigdog560927@sbcglobal.net

In the meantime, until September 6, stay healthy and happy......see you then.

Your SAHS 68 Reunion Committee

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