Wednesday, July 30, 2008

John Conover, Byron Ryono

40 years!!!
Hi all...I've spent the last 40 years looking for (sometimes finding) balance between family(s), friends, work, play, travel and projects like the one (article) I did over the last 18 months. I have a great wife, Debbie and 15 year old daughter, McKenna and live in Encinitas in a house I designed and built 10 years ago. I publish Tide Calendars and world tides for the cell phone, which is fairly new. Today I'll work in the yard fixing sprinklers, make golf plans, work, go to McKenna's soccer scrimmage, surf (I hope), watch MSNBC for a couple hours to keep up on my candidate Obama, who Debbie and worked for and met a couple of weeks ago.

Maybe of interest...I created the Surfrider Foundation chapter organization and was president of the first one in San Diego; I started The ReSanDiego Project which raised awareness of the sand problems and helped raise $10,000,000 for a very successful beach replenishment program about 7 years ago; with my Rotary Club, I helped create a wine tasting event that raises lots of money for local charities; but mostly, I'd rather be surfing.

We love Hawaii. I lived on Kauai and got to experience Hurricane Iniki first hand. I built and sold a house on the Big Island a few years back and we currently own a home on Oahu that we vacation rent and visit a couple times a year.

Life's mostly been good except for two spine operations that stopped most of my happiness for 3 years. I'm fine now and looking forward to hanging with my mates at the reunion.


That would be John Conover. Dude! Talk about a great Southern California kinda life. We sat next to John at the last reunion, I hadn't seen him since he hung up his mitt. The tide calendar idea was brilliant, and his fundraising and initiative in starting up the Surfrider Foundation down there is definitely in the awe inspiring category.

Meanwhile up in Los Altos Byron (Ryono) checked in via email yesterday. He's still riding the wave at Hewlett Packard and "feeding his addiction... contemporary art." Byron is on the Board of Trustees at the San Jose Museum of Art, he doesn't know if he can make it to the reunion. Byron is another success story and that's a good thing. It helps raise our class average.


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