Monday, April 7, 2008

Frank Belk, Mark Finley

I have some stuff from the last 3 get togethers, a video tape -remember those ?-that was from a tv show all about stuff that took place in 68 a bunch of photos from the events... a copy of the school newspaper, maybe some other stuff, i'll drag it down from the rafters in the garage if any thing sounds interesting to you. Also tell jeff genet who states "dont miss people in so cal " well jeff coming from somebody still in so cal-- we dont miss you either--
-Frank Belk

Hey Frank, I'm thinking you sold your British racing green MG by now... tell me it ain't so. The problem with video tape at the picnic is the lack of electrical outlets. Passing around old Generators, football programs and Ariels is a great idea. It would help jump start the memory banks. People will be getting together before and after the picnic, especially those of use who now live outside Southern California. Don Daniel mentioned that we might decide on one hotel/motel where we can all get together on Friday and Saturday nights. Come to think of it Jeff Genet is an audio/video kind of guy, maybe he has video equipment. - Jerry

Hey Jerry,
Ran into Mike McLean at Marion Buchheim’s funeral a couple of weeks back and the subject of how we’d like to exit this world came up. Mike had a good one: basically, make it into your nineties and then get shot by a jealous boyfriend/husband. Had contact with Gary Magnum, he’s out in Perris – I’ll see if I can get you an address or something.
-Mark Finley

Thanks Mark. I'm trying to get two lists together on the blog: "Help Find These Classmates" and "Found Classmates". The found ones are classmates who have contacted about the reunion, the "help find" are classmates you would like to see at the reunion who haven't been contacted. (Like Anita, the Swedish foreign exchange student, as an example chosen totally at random), Did you tell Mike and Gary about the reunion? - Jerry

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