Sunday, April 6, 2008

Don Daniel Mini Storage Magnate

I spoke with Mr. Don Daniel today, he's in Austin, Texas. He and his wife will celebrate their thirtieth wedding anniversary in July. Other than that I don't have much information. I had to reconstruct my notes three hours after our conversation because I had to watch the Phoenix Suns fall apart in the fourth quarter and lose to Mark Cuban's Dallas Mavericks. By that time my notes didn't make much sense. Also I've got an iPhone and my home connection is really bad. (If we didn't have a large chunk of our retirement funds invested in AAPL I might complain).

Here's what I have, Don and his wife have four children. Their oldest, Brooks, is a lieutenaunt in the Air Force who graduated 6th in his class at the Air Force Academy, he's stationed in Korea where he pilots an A-10. Their daughter is managing an office supply store after graduating in zoology and the youngest son is headed to Georgia to study Real Estate and business.

Don built homes in San Diego and then moved to Austin to get into the mini-storage business and said that the "storage business has been very good to me." He developed several facilities and sold them off except for one, he also has a business that rents containers for storage. He speaks around the country about the mini-storage business and is headed to Livermore, California in the next couple of weeks. He and his neighbors are having a big yard sale next weekend, and the only people he knows who have bought iPhones are in their 20s (except for me).

Some of this information may be erroneous. I'll edit this post after Don sends me the facts over high speed alumni wire: What have you been up to? Let me know...

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