Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Danny Salas & George Adelsperger

I've checked the website since Patti called me, looks great. I just got back from a week of helping rebuild a house in New Orleans. Seems that my name isn't on the list of class mates found. I guess I'm still lost.
Hey just to pass along a little note on class mates that have died. Priscilla Galvan died about 3 years ago, also Lloyd Sallott for those of you who didn't take shop classes was the Machine shop teacher, passed away about a month ago. Just wanted to pass those along.
Hey if any class mates are in town early the week before reunion, The City of Orange ( I just happen to live there ) has a great International Street fair at the Plaza. Chapman and Glassell. Starts Friday thru Sunday, Labor Day week end.
- Danny Salas

Danny, "I once was lost but now I'm found". I'm thinking I should take half the people off the list so they'll check in. That way I can hear from more classmates. (Of course very few girls are approaching me, that hasn't changed since high school). It's great that you were able to help out in New Orleans, I hear the 9th Ward still has a long way to go. Thanks for saying "hI", let me know if there's anyone from high school you'd particularly like to see at the picnic so I can put them on the "help us find" list...-Jerry

Hello, Jerry
This is to let you know that Bob Lindley's staff contacted me a while back & verified my info.
I sent a note to John Elliott, DVM in nearby Elk Grove, giving him the blog address. The American Motorcyclist Association said they didn't have a good address for David Aldana, so I sent a note to the producer of On Any Sunday, asking them to forward the blog address, if they had a good address for him. I had a nice email chat with Heidi Carlson discussing her missionary activities and that I became a Christian in 1977.
George Adelsperger
Rancho Cordova (Sacramento is a suburb) CA

Hi George: Thanks for checking in, I'll have someone on my staff put you on the "contacted" list! If I remember correctly John Elliot lived on Santa Clara and every Christmas the neighbors got together and put out a special display with elves and lights and called it "Santa's Lane", the traffic was impossible. It reminded me of John Grisham's book "Skipping Christmas". I think the elusive Mr. Aldana is living somewhere in Georgia, I don't know if he's going to make it to the reunion. But you know the old saying, "you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him shave and shower", See you in September -Jerry

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