Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Finding Lost Saints

Continued kudos to Patti Patterson, Bob Lindley and Gail Cohee. They've called most everyone from our 30th reunion list, which was only 10 years out of date. We need your help in contacting as many classmates as possible.Please shoot me an e-mail at or leave a message by clicking on the pencil below. Pass along e-mail addresses or phone numbers of a our fellow alums. Let's make it like a "snowball dance" in the gym. Is there anybody special you'd like to see us know who we still need to contact?

Brian Mann checked in and sent along this picture, he's still living in Santa Barbara with his wife Leslie. Their son Josh is at Berkeley and graduating this year, and son Gabe graduated a year ago from UCSB. His step-daughter Leyla and husband in LA with his grandbaby, Amelia. (Amelia is the one on the right). Brian is one of the lucky few who have made a career of something they love, in Brian's case it's music. He vows to stay at the keyboard 'till he drops, with frequent breaks to smell the roses.

Click on the comments below to hear from Bob Lindley, Brian and Regina (White) Ford. Cathy (Sikora) Darby sent me an e-mail. She's living in Portland but she doesn't know if she'll be able to come to the re-union. Speaking of Oregon, next to me, Jerry (Fouquet) Joslyn, in the picture at the bottom of the page is Cathy Davis and her husband. The picture was taken at the All Saints Picnic in 2006. Cathy and her husband are living in Oregon, Cathy said she'd crossed paths with Terri Cosgrove up there a few years earlier. Also at that picnic was a particularly muscular Jimmy Gonzales, he should be easy to find, he was with the Orange Fire Department.

Keep those cards and letters comin'!



  1. Thanks, Jerry, for a great website. I am collecting email addresses and will post so we can get a network going. Also, credits to you, Frank Belk and Tim Bynun. Steve Ryland got it started but life got too busy for him--he'll be back-- . Just pass the word. I almost have the first 100 called from our last reunion list and many changed telephones but also some enthusiastic support and additional networking. I am looking forward to seeing all and just having a good time. I also want to network so I can figure out what I want to do when I grow up. bob

  2. Hey Bob, and Jerry and Patty and.....
    thanks for putting this together. I'm looking forward to seeing you in September.
    If you know the whereabouts of Craig Jenkins and John Clemens, I've been looking with no luck.
    My current email:



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  4. Patty,
    So glad that I answered the phone when you called Saturday. Really lifted my spirits after these "40" years--where did the time go? Looking forward to seeing you and all of the other '68 "Saints" in September!

    Regina (White) Ford

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  6. Great job. Missed the last reunions as no one knew where I was. Me and my brothers are third generation saints, my mother from the class of '45 and grandfather class of 1905. I have my grandfather's Ariel yearbook from 1905 and understand that it was the first year published. I'll bring it to the reunion. I set myself up as the event organizer on classmates to get the word out to everyone there. So far have 9 affirmative conformations. I can be reached by email at Later

    Jeff Genet