Sunday, March 9, 2008

What has Patti Patterson Been Doing Since SAHS?

Hi everyone, thanks for re-connecting with the class of '68. May we all stay young in spirit as we were 40 years ago. I also want to personally thank Jerry Joslyn for taking the time to create a website where we can connect with one another to share our lives then and now.

My husband and I retired from high tech five years ago. I lived in an airplane for so many years I nearly forgot what home was like. Not anymore. My husband Gordon and I have become homebodies and we love it. We lived in Los Altos in the San Francisco Bay Area for many years where we both worked for software firms, and three years ago moved to a small town called Granite Bay, just north of Sacramento. It was time to be closer to my Mom......we all know and understand about aging parents. My passion is working out and I do both cardio and strength workouts daily. My husband plays racquetball three to four days a week and loves it. We do not have children of our own but I have a step-son, Mike, who is 38 (can you believe it!) and is finishing his PhD in neurobiology at The City of Hope in Pasadena.

I hope to see all of you Sept. 6. There are so many stories to share and we need to take time to remember those who have left us.

Big hugs to all, Patti Patterson (I kept my maiden name)

Jerry here again...Thanks Patti for the kind words and photo... Patti has really been the prime mover in this effort, last week she reported that Pat Muñoz has signed on to help us hunt down our fellow classmates. Good goin' Pat. (by the way Patti, my brother has a friend who lives near Granite Bay, isn't that near Folsum Prison? You know, as in, "I hear that train a comin'". Just curious.)

Jeff Genet is on board, notifying alums at He sent me his "what I did after high school" story. I'll post it next. I hope the rest of you will keep these stories coming, don't be shy, just e-mail them to Attach an (unretouched) photo or two.

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