Monday, February 18, 2008

Dudes & Dudettes: It's Happening

Thanks to the efforts of Patti Patterson, Bob Lindley and Gail Cohee the word is getting out about the reunion, but we could really use your help. The list they're using is from our 30th reunion. Since then many of our classmates have moved and a few have gone into the Federal Witness Protection Program so we need your help in getting the word out.
Charles Augustus Johnson, Don Mott, Fred Murray, Danny Levine, Janis Riffle, David Aldana, Stephanie Storm, Gary Stenberg, Mike Vaca, Kenny Wahlberg, Jeanette Leflore, John Kelty, Laurie jacobson.... come out, come out, where ever you are!
Let us know the e-mail address of any of our classmates so we can send them an invite. Our email address is
We want to hear from you.. If you want to meet up with friends before or after the picnic let them know. If you've made a bundle after your days as a Saint, and want to share some your wealth with the rest of your classmates, we want to know that too. Whatever, check in, leave a comment, share a memory. Just click on the little No. 2 pencil below:

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