Monday, July 23, 2007

Reunion Anyone?

This year's All Saints Picnic would be a good place to meet and see if there's any interest. The only charge is the price of admission. About 150 from all the classes were there last year and people bring lawn chairs and kids and come and go. (No beer is allowed but someone had a six pack and I hid behind a restored Chevy Nomad and swigged one, it was just like I was back in High School!)

The Picnic is always the first Saturday after Labor Day, this year it's September 8th. Send me an e-mail if you have any ideas about a re-union or are looking for a classmate, or whatever you're interested in or and I'll post it. If you don't want it posted for all to see write "Don't Post" in the subject line. Also if you have the e-mail addresses of any of our fellow graduates send them along and I'll send them a link to this blog.

The Blog e-mail address is:

Ciao for now...

Jerry Joslyn
Class of '68

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