Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Best ReUnion Yet, Methinks

The rave reviews are coming in and the only discouraging words are from those who couldn't attend. The three events of our 45th allowed for more mingling and reconnecting, and with over 100 at the picnic there were more classmates to reconnect with... Patti Patterson was the straw that stirred the drink in the reunion committee and the key to its success, organizing the myriad of details necessary to pull it off. Vicki (Conway) Kincaid and her crew of child laborers made the picnic possible. A tip of the Stetson to Brian Mann who found the caterer for the dinner and worked the squeezebox on a hot afternoon, John Kulish who got us the pizza parlor for free and Jeff Genet, who put together a great playlist. 

Danny Salas, besides running around during the planning process and bringing the beer for the dinner, took a bunch of pictures. I should have shot more pictures, I only took a couple. I spent most of my time at the picnic attempting to get my classmates to invest in my new venture, Pacific Edible Seaweed. 

So while we await Danny’s photos here is a short video of Bob and Ed Johnson’s performance. Hey I know what you're saying,"They weren’t even in our class." Sure, that's technically true, but they would have been in our class if they hadn’t been set back a grade. There’s something about the harmony of brothers: the Wilson brothers of the Beach Boys, the brothers Gibb of the BeeGees, and the Davies brothers of the Kinks... OK, not so much the Kinks. But the Johnson’s harmonies are muy smooth, if only they’d had some amplification and I had had a microphone.

The other shot I took was on my way home. It’s a “shoe tree” just past Amboy on Route 66. The next time you're in Amboy stop by, it's about a mile past Roy's Motel and if you’re looking for a great deal in used shoes you can’t beat it. Send me your photos, comments, memories, criticisms, feedback, etc. of the Reunion, and let me share it with the class. sahs68@gmail.com

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