Wednesday, September 4, 2013

See You This Weekend

A few quick notes as I depart the land of the haboobs for the County of the Oranges and the reunion this Friday and Saturday. If you play an instrument and you'd like to join Brian Mann and his merry men and women, bring it along and a jam will be served. Remember, however, no amplified music in the park.

Regrets? We’ve had a few, mostly from those who aren’t going to make it to the renunion. Larry Hansen is playing with Bill Medley and has to be in Clovis New Mexico on Saturday, but here are some memories he shared:

“Bob Gulley was with Bill's band for the last few years but with all the travel has decided to stay closer to home--sure miss having Bob with us but was so grateful to have the last couple of years playing music with him again.  Bob and I played with several bands after high school and by far Bob is my favorite singer anywhere! I first saw the Youngmen play in our school auditorium at the start of our junior year--seems it was a back-to-school assembly?  Hearing the Johnson Brothers and Gulley sing that day is one of favorite memories of Santa Ana High!  Bob and I were both playing with Medley when they rededicated the Santa Ana High School Auditorium in Bill's name in 2011. That was the first time that I'd been back at our school as well as stood on the auditorium stage since 1968--what an incredible as well as an emotional night!  Sorry to miss the fun--my best to everyone.

Another talented classmate; essayist, poet, and short story writer Rebecca McClanahan sent me a note. Becky’s tenth book, The Tribal Knot, is a multi-generational memoir and is getting great reviews.

"Since I knew I would be unable to attend the reunion, I had promised to compose a formal greeting to everyone, but unfortunately my mother has been seriously ill since July and I am with her in the hospital, with little time or energy for extra activities. I'm sure the reunion will be wonderful, and I regret not being able to come. Maybe for the 50th!"

This photo was sent in by Byron Ryono, it’s a bunch of us at a BBQ at the home of Tim Bynon and Frank Belk in about.... 1976? Looking at it is bittersweet. I'm thinking about those of us who will come to the reunion and those who can’t. I’m really happy with the turnout for our 45th. So let’s gather our rosebuds while we may, much like Charles Foster Kain.

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