Sunday, September 23, 2012

All Saints Picnic 2012

There was a lot of red and white at Irvine Regional Park on Saturday as graduates of Santa Ana High School gathered to eat and visit at the 12th annual All Saints Picnic. The picnic was started as a way for alumni of any class to get together and see each other.
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Donna and husband Stan Ashbaugh enjoy the 12th annual Santa Ana High School All Saints Picnic. Stan is a graduate of the 1955 class, and went on to teach chemistry and other sciences at Santa Ana High School. Donna went to Anaheim.

"People still had their reunions, but this is for everyone; students, teachers, janitors, everyone," said Bob Mohler, a 1954 graduate.
The picnic gets its name from the school's mascots, Sammy and Sally Saint.

More than 200 people showed up Saturday to talk about their times at the school. The talk ranges from "remember when," to "remember the stuff we used to get away with."

"We used to get into other people's lockers and take their lunches," said Judie (Taney) Looney, a 1957 graduate.
Many of the classes hold their reunions around the same time as the picnic, so alumni can go to both, if they choose.

The class of 1972, of which the reporter is a member, held their reunion the weekend before. In addition, some of the classes organized tours of the newly refurbished facilities at the school, located just south of 1st Street in Santa Ana.

Several talked about some of the more famous Santa Ana High School graduates, like Diane (Hall) Keaton, who went on to win an Academy Award. "We had a play our senior year and Diane was in it and she sold it. We knew she'd go somewhere," said Pam (Dillon) Heiland, a 1963 graduate.

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