Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Happy Trails (& Holidays) To You

Before the blog goes into hibernation, please identify the two little boys in the San Juan Capistrano picture!

Also, thanks for the news items on our childhood TV shows. Oregonians grew up with their own TV heroes so they can't relate to Engineer Bill and Chucko the Clown. A few years ago, two of my co-workers here in Portland were fellow Orange County ex-pats about our age. One day, for some unknown reason they started reminiscing about Engineer Bill, Sheriff John, and other childhood favorites. The next thing I knew, these two middle-aged men were playing "Red Light, Green Light" with their morning coffee!

Emily R.

Ms. Rampton:

I don't know who the kids in Capistrano are but I keep thinking one of them looks a lot like Jeff Noebels who went to Santiago School and then moved to Geneva. I heard that Jeff went to Reed College in your fair state and it seems that he's done some great things since then.

I stole the Capistrano photo from Charles Phoenix, he's got lots of kitchie (not to be confused with ginchie ) camera work from the 50's in Southern California. That's where I purloined most of the photos along the side of the blog.

The sunset photo is from last night here in Scottsdale. I was going to let the blog "go dark", but Jeff Genet just sent me some stuff about our ex-classmates that he gathered from other sites, so I'll see if I can post them here over the next couple of months. Until then...Merry Christmas from Boss Ray-Dee-Oh...

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