Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Rita Bell, Jeanie James & Debbie Juratsch

Wow.. I haven't gotten any e-mails here since April and I checked again today and I had three..well actually four, the fourth was asking (nicely) what the heck my last post was about...so I deleted that post and now have a new one...

I cannot make the reunion, but will think of you all. Actually as June 13th gets closer this year, it seems all I think about is graduation day--40 years ago.

I have retired and live in the Smokey Mountains (Gatlinburg, TN) and love the mountains and the change of seasons---such a difference from 30 years in New Orleans and 20+ in southern California.

Rita Bell Latour

It would be great if you could include everyone's contact info. on the blog so people can reconnect with others even before the reunion. Here's a short bio of my life:

John & I have lived at the same address in Irvine for 30 years, and will be celebrating our 36th anniversary this July. Our two sons, Matt (30) and Andy (28), are long out of college and doing well in their lives. We're looking forward to Matt's wedding this October. After 7 years of owning and operating a golf practice center in Irvine (Northwood Golf Center) which we sold in 2003, we reinvented ourselves--John became a real estate appraiser, and I became the Computer Lab teacher at our neighborhood elementary school.

In the last 5 years we've finally found time to travel, and now we can't see enough of Europe!
Hope to see some old faces in September!

Jeane James Clymer

Has it really been 40 years??? What a trip? That is going to be alot of catching up to do. OK, I'll start with the contact information as requested. I checked out the blogspot and was going to leave a msg but not being the most techie person alive couldn't figure it out..oh well.I'm torn bewteen being very excited about the going to the reunion and terrified... At a loss for words right now, which is very unlike me, but I will probably have a ton of stuff to say when we all get together.....
I have Larry Hansen email and will check in with him to make sure he knows what is happening.

see you soon.
Deb (Juratsch) Davis

Jeanie... We've been carefull to keep everyone's contact information confidential. I've never been stalked, except in my imagination. I haven't even seen Fatal Attraction. I did have a friend once who really had her life turned upside down with identity theft. The reunion committee has voted, nearly unaniously, not to post personal information on the web. But I'm going to go out on a limb here and include your e-mail address.

I could use some more posts, so "shout outs" to fellow grads are encouraged. If you're looking for former members of the class of '68 I'll post it. I'm sure the list at the left is a bit out of date, Patti Patterson, Vicki Kincaid, Gail Cohee and Bob Lindley have been smilin' and dialin' and Jeff Genet has been working the reunion sites. Deb, thanks for contacting Larry. I'll try to update the list here as soon as I can.

Thank you all for sayin' "Hey".


  1. Thanks for the information on the All Saints picnic for 2008. My father-in-law is class of '48 and will be attending. It's been 60 years since graduation for him!

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