Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Pat Muñoz, Paul Swanson, Mike Dwinel

Me and the little lady (5' 3") are heading to the Big Apple for the previews of South Pacific and comfort food at Amy Ruth's .But first these reports from the high speed Alumni wire.

Pat Muñoz

Hi Jerry...I retired on August 9, 2006 after 30 years with the County of Orange's Engineering Department. I live in Lake Forest CA. I am working for myself as a consultant. (part time only) It took me a while to used to the slow pace, but I think I'm starting to get the hang of it... Pat

Sounds like a great career choice Pat. The trouble with having nothing to do is that you never know when you're done.

Paul Swanson

Hi jerry.........what a kick....yes i did here from Patti Patterson and wrote back and i have put it on the calendar........not sure if we are going to be able to make it BUT we'll sure try. To answer your question........i really haven't kept in contact with high school classmates but it might be fun to try to be there. i still remember your 6th grade graduation party....there on Riviera........twisting the night away!! Nice to hear from you....hope it works out that we can come. god has blessed me big time with family and friends.....alot of water under the bridge since last seeing you... keep in touch... Paul

Like his dad Paul is a Physical Therapist (aka Terrorist) in Carmichael, California. He and his wife have three daughters and grandkids and he's doing great, despite some problems with punctuation. Swanson and Schaack

Mike Dwinell

Jerry... Mike here, missed all the reunions but the one Don Mott was involved in organizing whenever that was. Thought I'd touch bases and let you know that I plan on seeing everyone on Sept 6th. I'm still in the So. Cal area, Long Beach precisely, so it will be an easy commute. I have lost track of all our classmates so have no one's email, address or phone number to pass along... Regards... Mike Dwinel

Sure Mike.. Like I've got nothing better to do. Well, OK, I guess I don't. I'm just lying here on the couch watching the Suns and Sonics.. so if anyone wants to get in touch with other classmates here let me know and I'll pass along the contact info... or just leave a comment.

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