Saturday, March 15, 2008

Heidi Carlson: Still Stuggling with East Apurimac Quechua

Hi Jerry,
Thanks for doing the blog! Just a few days ago Patti Patterson found me (via Stefani Broudy Evans), and then Patti told me about the blog. What a treat to catch up with old SAHS friends. I enjoyed reading the blog comments, but would like more people to send photos! I never made it to a reunion, but loved seeing all the pictures in the memory book.

I’ve been working in the Andes mountains of Peru for over 30 years and still love it. My husband David and I, with our co-workers, completed the translation of the New Testament into Cajamarca Quechua in 2004 and then started on a new translation project in a related Quechua language 1000 miles to the south.

We have 4 kids and 4 grandchildren, who are now scattered all over the world (Ecuador, Indonesia, California), with only our youngest 14-year-old son still with us. I couldn’t decide whether to follow the example of Brian’s great photo with a grandchild or Patti’s with her husband, so will opt for one with some special Peru friends.

I’m still struggling to learn this new language (East Apurímac Quechua), since my ageing brain doesn’t memorize words as quickly as it used to. But we're working in a consultant role with 6 sharp Quechua-speaking men, and we're glad our previous experience makes us useful. God has been very good to us and I am so thankful. Dave and I usually go for a hike in the countryside on the edge of our town most afternoons, and that’s about the extent of our work-outs, but the beautiful scenery is an added benefit!

If any SAHS old friends are visiting Cuzco and the famous Machu Picchu ruins, you could take a 5-hour side trip to the little town of Abancay and come visit us.

Heidi Carlson Coombs
P.S. Last year on a visit to Santa Ana I enjoyed great visits with Stefani Broudy Evans (passing through from Las Vegas) and Jan Gardell (lives in Tustin). My parents live right near Irvine Park, but we didn't know about the reunion. Next time!

Heidi - Sorry you can't make the reunion. The good news is that you're in first place for the "Living in the Most Exotic Local after Leaving Santa Ana Award." (Not that Santa Ana isn't exotic, of course). Thanks for the contact information for our classmates, especially your cousin Paul, I'll e-mail him today.

My on-deck circle is empty for the next profile and if somebody doesn't e-mail me their short post-high school bio (with an attached photo to I may be forced to do mine next week. Fair warning, it could go on for several boring paragraphs. - Jerry

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