Sunday, February 19, 2017

50th Reunion right around the corner

Our 50th reunion comes up next year and your reunion committee is now gearing up for that event. Below is the email we sent to all our classmates recently. If you did not receive one please contact anyone on the committee with your contact information.

Class of 1968


Hello everyone. This is your reunion committee. It’s been 50 years since we roamed the halls of Santa Ana High School as students. And next year is the 50th reunion of our graduation and we are now in the process of planning that celebration.

Our 40th reunion, nine years ago, was put together in the spring of 2008 and we tagged along with the All Saints Reunion at Irvine Park that September, holding our reunion across the parking lot from the main event at Site 3. This was a potluck affair and 72 classmates attended sharing reminiscing.

The next reunion, the 45th, we reserved our own site at Irvine Park on the same Saturday as the All Saints Reunion and provided a bar-b-que and locals contributions of desserts, a raffle, and a good time shared by all. The previous evening we had a meet-and-greet at a pizza parlor and Saturday evening, following the picnic there was an evening event in Mark Finley’s backyard with a Taco Bar service. The total cost was $45.00 for the Saturday events, if you attended both, and Friday was byob. There were 84 classmates at the picnic, 38 at the Friday night pizza parlor, and 36 at the Finley’s Saturday evening.

Our inclination at this time is to repeat this formula for the next reunion: a picnic as the main event, a Friday and Saturday night event. The main concern at the last two reunions held in September was the heat. The All Saints Reunion, has for this reason moved its event to the first Saturday in October, a bit cooler and more convenient.  The committee is proposing the following:

Friday night: a Saints football game if they are playing at home; or, a meet-and –greet at a pizza parlor style place only bigger than last time.

Saturday: main reunion picnic held at Irvine Park on the same Saturday as the All Saints Reunion Picnic in October but at our own site, providing Bar-B-Que and local contributions of desserts and sides. Hold a raffle and a live acoustic musical performance for a small admission fee. The same day as the All Saints allows everyone to visit members of other classes.

Saturday evening: an event either a dinner at someone’s backyard, or some sort of hall for dancing and music.

We, the committee, would like your input as to the reunion event you would like.  We want to organize a reunion that satisfies. And, as always, we are constantly seeking those classmates we do not have contact information for. You can contact the committee at any one of the following email addresses:

Vicki Conway (Kincaid)

Jeff Genet             

Brian Mann          

Danny Salas           

Jan Gardell            

Jon Greene            

Cathy Davis (Akins)

Kathy Goddard     

Linda Doering (Menon)

John Kulisch          

Mark Finley          

On social media we have three outlets: FaceBook, ClassMates, and the blog. The most popular, as far as membership goes, is Classmates. The most active if FaceBook for staying current on what is happening. The least scanned is the blog. The committee would encourage all to migrate to FaceBook for the current information concerning our class, listed in the group section Santa Ana High School Class of 1968.


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