Saturday, March 19, 2016

Elephants and donkeys, tis the season. And now the spring 2016 classmates update!!!

Hello Class of ’68. It is a little more than 2 years until our 50th reunion. We are now in the beginning stages of planning. The last two, 40th and 45th , were held at Irvine Park, a casual and relaxing atmosphere of socializing and fun.

The 40th was held in conjunction with the All Saints Annual Reunion Picnic, held every Saturday following Labor Day in September. Our reunion was held across the parking lot and was a bring your lunch and beverages affair. We had 72 classmates attend.

We were so inspired by the turnout that we decided that the 45th reunion should be held at the same place and same time. This time we rented site 3 while the All Saints Reunion Picnic had moved to site 1. Instead of everyone bringing their own food and beverages, we decided to have a bbq and provide beverages and asked attendees to bring side dishes. We also expanded the reunion into a three event shindig. We had a Friday night meet-and-greet at a pizza parlor, the reunion at Irvine Park on Saturday, and a dinner at Mark Finley’s house Saturday night. We had 84 attend the picnic, 38 for pizza, and 36 for dinner at Finley’s. Two-thirds of those attending the picnic did not attend the 40th reunion picnic. The picnic had a cost of $25.00 per person and the dinner at Finley’s (taco bar) was $20.00 per person. Whichever events they attended, everyone seemed to have a good time.

Your reunion committee has grown since the last reunion. The committee now consists of:

Vicki Conway (Kincaid)

Jeff Genet                            jdgen @

Brian Mann               

Danny Salas              

Jan Gardell                

Jon Greene                         

Cathy Davis (Akins)  

Kathy Goddard         

Linda Doering (Menon)   

John Kulisch              

Mark Finley               

For those of you who are computer savvy we have the following social media outlets:

Facebook – groups Santa Ana High School Class of 1968

Classmates – class of 1968

Blog –

The Facebook site is the most popular and easiest to use. If you are not a member it is easy and free to sign up and become a member. Classmates has the most numbers but is limited on posting information. The blog is the least maintained.

Now we are approaching our 50th reunion. This next year we will primarily concentrate on contacting missing classmates. We would like everyone to send us a list of the classmates they are in contact with so we can compare them to our master list. You can relay this information to any member of the committee. The success of the last two reunions has encouraged us to repeat that formula, but we would like to encourage all to provide suggestions for the next reunion. We want you make this our biggest and best reunion yet.

Your reunion committee.



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