Friday, December 13, 2013

James Cooper on Lifeguarding, Life and the Beach

Until two months ago I thought James' major talents were limited to psychology and dancing, then he sent us this note: 

Fellow Saints, great to see you all at reunion, and Rebecca, you were represented by a full display of your amazing writing.  I've checked out your latest book, a real keeper as are all your others.  I'm glad to share that I've won a literary award, a first, but the main thing I've found is just to struggle with the words that fit.   My piece was about being an ocean lifeguard from ages 18 to 23, shortly after SAHS, but all of it feels present in my mind for some reason now that I'm (aren't we all) 63. Hope all of you are doing well.  I'll pass a link to the piece when it comes out if you like.  

Best, James Cooper

Here's the announcement:

J. L. Cooper, of Sacramento, CA, has won the New Millennium Award for Short-Short Fiction for “A Summoning of Gifts to Wet Ankles,” a fictional elaboration of the author's experience as an ocean lifeguard. Cooper’s series of vignettes and lyrical language capture truths as universal as our urge to return to the sea.

What is particularly noteworthy is that he hasn't written short fiction, until now. I waited until I could include the link to the story and he just sent it this morning, enjoy.

A Summoning of Gifts to Wet Ankles

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