Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Gala 10th Annual All-Saints Picnic is Coming Sept 12

My brother forworded this email from Fred Pribus, class of 1961 (the last "upside down" year).


This will be the 10th picnic so get there early to get a good parking spot, things to bring, food/drinks/sunscreen/camera & a good come back line when asked, "didn't you used to have really thick hair" or "how come you changed your hair color to grey", I won't do any weight jokes, Jenny Craig might show up........

This year the site is #3 (back of the park) look for the signs, it will go on until dusk, the picnic is free just pay for parking & you're good to go, we owe a big thanks to Don Spangler & Don Orr, they wanted a casual event for all former Saints.

All Saints Alumni Picnic
Location:Irvine Park
Saturday, SEPT. 12th, 2009

I'll be there (about 1:00) and I'll post photos the following weekend. Patti Patterson is sending out emails, can anyone else make it? Who can make the potato salad? Let me know....Jerry

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