Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sara (Hiebert) Hendrix

Hi Patti,

Got your note in the mail. My e-mail is . I know you all will have a good time this weekend. I don't mind if you give it to anyone who would like to contact me. It's been a lot of fun keeping up on Jerry's blog. He's bringing some things from me to the reunion.

Here's a short bio - I've been married to my husband for 36 years. He was a Marine stationed at El Toro, and we married in 1972. I graduated from SA College in 1970. We have lived in many places during the last 36 years - Georgia, North Carolina, California, Japan, Virginia, then back to NC. We have 2 children and 4 grandchildren. The kids live in Houston. I have always worked "behind the scenes" in the medical field as a medical transcriptionist. Have been with my current practice for 13 years.

I love North Carolina, but will always have ties to Southern California. My 85-year-old mom and brothers and sisters still live there. I have a PT cruiser fixed up like a woody wagon. It reminds me of wonderful sunny days and how I used to drive my brothers to surf at Huntington Beach in our old station wagon before they were old enough to drive.

Have fun this weekend!
Sara (Hiebert) Hendrix

Sara, I'm mailing the stuff back this week, I promise, thanks... sorry for the delay in getting this posted, hang ten– Jerry

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