Wednesday, September 3, 2008

James Cooper's Pre-Post Picnic Post

Hi Patti, and all my friends from SAHS 68:

With regrets, I won't be able to make the scene this reunion. It sounds great and I hope this can be posted on the Board so that anyone wishing to stay connected can have my e-mail. I'm at 916-974-1122 telephone, living in Sacramento and working as a clinical psychologist in private practice. Children are off into the world, whoopee, my wife and I are taking dance lessons. I still go to Santa Ana to look after my dad's house, and for beach time of course. (The beach at the end of Diamond Street in Laguna is my current favorite): anyway, my e-mail is

I send Love, Health, and a wish for everyone to enjoy themselves at the Reunion.

James Cooper

I'm just heading out the door here in Arizona, so this will my last post 'till post-picnic. I'm really sorry James Cooper can't make it, I know we could really use a psychologist. We're going to get some alums who aren't on the list like Harry Burnett and Don Daniel. Harry wanted to know if it's OK to smoke in California at a public park. The answer is "yes" as long as you have a prescription. After the picnic everyone (except minors) is invited to the Miners Saloon at the Orange County Mining Company.-Jerry


  1. Thanks Jerry. You're still the coolest guy I know.


  2. Hey Jerry: I'm really excited about coming. Sorry, I kept putting off posting something on the blog. You guys have been awesome in keeping everything updated. I would like to post something on the blog, but am not sure how to do it. E-mail me if you can...Can't wait to see everyone...Laurie (Johnston) Lusk