Tuesday, September 9, 2008

John Durda, Sue Fillmore

I thought I would update a little more than the last email. After graduation I went to college at SAC and then got drafted and then enlisted in the US Army and spent the next three years serving my duty with the 1st Air CAV in Vietnam and Fort Rucker Alabama. While in Vietnam I proposed to Sue Fillmore and she met me in Hawaii and we got married while I was on R&R. I went back to Vietnam and she went back to Santa Ana to await my return and continue to work at State Farm Insurance on 17th Street. After I got back from Vietnam, Sue and I traveled down to Alabama where we lived while I finished the remainder of my military time. While down there our first daughter was born (Heather).

We returned to SA and I went to school and worked part time at night. Our second daughter (Holly) was born at Saint Joe's and then I took a position with the Navy as a civilian in Ventura County in 1975. We moved to Oxnard (about 1-1/2 miles from the beach) and have been here ever since and that is where our last daughter Heidi was born. All three of our girls work together at the middle daughters company See Jane Work. If any one would like to see the (3) daughters we are so proud of they can visit the web site and see Heather, Holly and Heidi (we have 4 grandchildren - joy of our lives)

I currently work both at Pt. Mugu and China Lake CA (out by Ridgecrest CA). I usually get on a military plane every week and fly up and back in my current job as a Divsion Head for the Weapons and Entergetics Dept. I plan on retiring this January 2009 and will continue to work as a consultant for the Navy for about 1-2 years part time. Sue has been very involved with all the family stuff and with the Calvary Chapel Church part time. I have taken up manufacturing Mission Style furniture and intend to do this with a greater effort up termination of full time employment.

Sorry we missed you,
Vr, John H. Durda

John, thank you for your service and congratulations on selecting such nice patch of the mega-opolis to call home. The last time I saw the beaches at Oxnard and Port Hueneme they were beautiful. Your daughters have put together a way cool web business, you must be one proud Papa. We'll catch you and Sue next time, thanks for the profile – Jerry

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