Saturday, September 13, 2008

Brian Mann, Gratitude for our 40th

Hi Jerry,

I wanted to express my gratitude for the work that you, and the reunion organizers put into bringing so many of us together. My experience was above and beyond anything I could have imagined. I got to share sweet connection, hilarious stories, hear apologies for long forgotten "wrongs" done, make several of my own apologies - I hope accepted, and flirt (unashamedly and innocently, if my wife is reading this) with many of the beautiful, sexy and brilliant 'girls' of our class (maybe the highlight).

It is truly a unique experience, being with a group of people, not my family, that knew me so well, some from kindergarten till high school graduation. To get briefly philosophical, a friend of mine noted that ages ago we lived in villages and didn't stray too far, there was comfort and safety in that, being with people that knew you so well. Now of course we're all scattered like "Leaves in the Wind" - we have spouses, wonderful children, grand children, many new friends but - and as PeeWee Herman said so eloquently, "Everyone's got a big but" - but, the warmth, camaraderie, support and just-plain-caring I felt from my classmates, is of a different quality from my other connections. I didn't know that till this last weekend. (kind of a slow learner I guess)

I want to thank everyone of my classmates for showing up with such open arms and hearts. Although not a perfect fit, I'm beginning to think our nickname may be more appropriate than I thought.

With love and appreciation,

Brian Mann

ps next time we're putting together a band. I'll organize it.

Thanks Brian, live music for the 45th would be great, maybe we can do a picnic and then a concert/dinner thing somewhere and still keep it cheap and casual. As a future senator from Minnesota put it, "That attitude of gratitude isn't just a platitude". Brazen flirting was one a highlights of the the 40th, we'll have to compare notes sometime in private.

Brian didn't include a photo with his post so I hunted around and found this one along with a musical biography. I saw Brain perform with Kenny Loggins but I didn't know that he also has worked with David Lee Roth, Olivia Newton-John,
a young Michael Jackson, Larry Carlton, Robben Ford, B B King, KD Lang, Denice Williams, Luther Vandross, Oingo Boingo, Dave Koz, Michael Brecker, and Michael MacDonald. It is strange, so long after high school, to rediscover the special connection we have with the people we grew up with, strange and wonderful. – Jerry

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  1. Thanks Jerry, as usual very kind, generous and witty. A nice combo. By the way it's spelled 'Brian' not "Brain" But thanks any way.