Saturday, September 27, 2008

Bob MacBird: Yikes it's Ike!

Sorry we haven't been on the message board or e-mail list recently, we've been kind of busy. We survived a direct hit from Hurricane Ike here in Conroe, Texas (just north of Houston) on September 12-13, 2008. The eye passed directly over us with winds from the storm approaching 90 mph.

We had one large oak tree in front of our front door fall partially into another tree, barely touching the house. We also had a ton of tree debris fill the front and back yards. There is now a very large pile of this debris across the front of the house out by the street. The electricity has been out since the storm hit. As of this writing, it is still not on, although it is expected to be on in a few days. Phone service went out completely, as did cable. The cell phone signal had been very weak until yesterday. The only thing that has stayed on is the water and gas, plus we have power from a generator.

There were quite a few trees that fell in the neighborhood. One neighbor lost three vehicles from one tree. Another had a large Water Oak clip the front of his house when it fell to the ground. The damage was minor, fortunately. No one we know of in our area was hurt by this storm.

Some enterprising fellows came through the neighborhood yesterday (Tuesday, September 16) and, for a reasonable price, cut down the oak tree by the front door that was still leaning precariously against the other tree. While out there taking photos and helping the workers where possible, a Salvation Army truck from Laurel, Mississippi drove by and stopped to offer free cold water and a hot meal of bread, diced fruit (from a can) and some hungryman type of soup, with rice. That was the best meal we have had in a very long time. God bless those folks from the Salvation Army!

Gasoline has been difficult to obtain, and those few stations that ARE open have LONG lines. I have been riding my Gold Wing around to save fuel - thank goodness it gets about 35 mpg. We need that fuel for the generator, also.

One thing this has taught us is is to really appreciate small things like electricity and warm meals. It has also brought me closer to my neighbors, as we all join together to help each other where we can. I saw a generator on the back of one pickup that had extension cords running to three houses. Because of the limited phone service, it has been difficult to contact all of our GWRRA friends/family to check on their safety. News will flow freely once electricity and phone service resume.

We are looking forward to resuming our normal lives and seeing many of our GWRRA friends down the road and at rallies, hopefully with lots of electrical power and plenty of warm meals, since we'eat to ride'!

PS: Power, internet and TV cable are all now restored after eight days as of last Saturday evening 9/20/08 ! Hope we don't go through this for a very LONG time . . .

This report from Bob MacBird comes to us via Vicki Kincaid who should have some reunion photos to us in the next couple of weeks. Thanks Vicki

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